VAⅢ Series1.5


5G High-End Fine-Pitch LED Display


Fast & Easy Installation & Maintenance

Fast interlock enables 1-second quick installation including wall-mounting, hanging, and stacking. Full front maintenance saves space & time.


5G Transmission, Easier & More Stable

5G transmission enables 5G+8K display to enhance system efficiency, and meanwhile lower down the wiring difficulty by reducing the number of cables and devices to improve display stability.


Light & Slim Ever

33mm-extreme-thin cabinet with 4.5kg/pc lightweight only greatly saves steel structure, transport expenses, and installation costs.


Flexible Splicing with High Flatness

VAⅢ Series enables half-cabinet cutting, 45° bevel for seamless L-shaped splicing & curved splicing flexibly. Unique module-level adjustment technology guarantees high flatness to achieve superior display.


Quadruple Backup, Never Blackout

VAIII Series allows multiple backup including power, receiving cards, power connectors, & signal connectors. The quadruple backup ensures never a blackout in the normal case.


Considerate Details, Reliable Designs


16:9 Golden Ratio, Gorgeous Display

16:9 golden ratio brilliantly matches mainstream HD/4K/8K videos while maintaining pixel-to-pixel broadcasting; The 27-inch single cabinet can directly replace LCD display with distortion-free images.



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