BIM Plus-X 3.9

Perfection Expanded, Again.

X generation of hot-selling BIM Series indoor commercial LED display

Thinner, lighter, faster, better visuals, more practical & ergonomic

Mixed-splice-enabled with BIM Plus & BIM MIN Series for more creative shapes

Wide-range pixel pitch options to fit in your space

FHD/4K/8K-resolution fine-pitch LED walls

Considerate Details for Fast Installation

BIM Plus-X allows one-piece molding die-cast cabinets for high precision while supporting handle, interlock, and integrated power plug-in for fast installation.


Wireless Connection(Optional)

BIM Plus-X Series enables optional wireless connections to remain stable even after 90°rotation.


Multiple Sizes, Flexible Installation

BIM Plus-X Series has three-size die-casting cabinets to realize flexible splicing.


90°Rotation, Staggered Splicing

BIM Plus-X allows 90°rotation without color cast and staggered splicing for creative shapes.


Creative Splicing, Versatile Choices

BIM Plus-X can be flexibly spliced into a rectangular column or a hexahedron like a Rubik’s cube.


Mixed Splicing, High Practicality

Mixed splicing with BIM Plus

Mixed splicing with BIM MIN


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