Yealink SmartVision 60


1x SmartVision 60  360°  AIO intelligent camera
• 1x 3m USB cable
• 1x Power Adapter
• Including 2-year hardware warranty

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A Sleek and Compact Design

Pack up all you need for video conferencing in a single device

Take Your Teams Rooms to A Higher Level of Equity

No Hidden Attendees

With the 360° coverage and center-of-the-table perspective, no one in the room will be hidden from view. The all-new 10K camera delivers stunning images. with much more detail even in every crop. Remote attendees can now get a more inclusive meeting experience even when they are not there.

Include Everyone Equally

Introducing the Multi-Stream IntelliFrame, which provides individual video feeds of up to four in-room active speakers while showcasing the panoramic view of the room. The feature enables everyone at the conference table to appear front and center on the screen crystal-clear.

Automate Your Workflow

The voice and face recognition feature allows remote and in-room participants to connect better by associating names with faces and speeches. Additionally, enjoy automatic speech-to-text transcription with speakers identified by their names.

Ensure Everyone is Heard

With two sets of multi-functional microphones, the SmartVision 60, an intelligent 360° all-in-one conferencing camera, effortlessly covers every corner of small-to-medium meeting rooms. It also features intelligent audio capabilities.

Integration with Leading PC Manufacturers

Flexible Options for Your PC

Meets Diverse

Deployment Needs

Elevate deployment experience with Yealink’s certified* 15m or 30m USB 3.0 cables, ensuring not only extended reach but also unwavering product stability.


*To ensure the stability of the product, please use Yealink-certified cables.


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