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The Control 47C/T features extended bass performance with a wide 120° of coverage that allows fewer speakers to cover a large space. Ideal for a wide variety of applications, the Control 47C/T is perfect for settings ranging from restaurant and retail to large casinos and beyond.

The Control 47C/T is a premium in-ceiling professional loudspeaker
designed for applications that require extremely wide bandwidth along
with very consistent coverage.
Featuring JBL’s exclusive conical Radiation Boundary Integrator®
(RBI™), the RBI provides a large waveguide for the tweeter while
low-frequency sound projects through specially-designed apertures in
the RBI, allowing for a seamless integration of coverage between the
two coaxially mounted drivers. The result is extremely consistent sound
character with very little variation throughout the listening space. The
wide coverage allows for the use of fewer loudspeakers compared to
speakers with less consistent coverage control, while at the same time
providing better coverage of the area.
The large backcan on the Control 47C/T, along with the LF driver design,
provides extended bass response for a warm full-bodied tone. The
system’s 165 mm (6.5 in) woofer features a polypropylene cone and
pure butyl rubber surround for long life. The copper-clad aluminum voice
coil wound on a vented aluminum former provides low distortion and
high sensitivity. The coaxially mounted 25 mm (1 in) soft dome features
internal damping for smooth extended response and ferrofluid cooling for
enhanced power handling and reduced power compression. The result is
crisp, clear highs.
Ideal for small and large projects alike, the Control 47C/T is switchable
for use as either an 8-ohm low-impedance speaker, or as part of a
70V/100V distributed loudspeaker system


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