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The Control 26CT is a powerhouse ceiling speaker containing a coaxially mounted 6.5″ woofer and 3/4″ titanium-coated tweeter, able to deliver maximum sound level over a wide coverage area. The Control 26CT includes a multitap transformer for a 70V or 100V line distribution system.

The Control 26C is a compact ceiling speaker providing
premium performance in background, foreground music
sound systems. The Control 26C is perfectly suited for a
wide variety of applications from casinos and hotels to
upscale restaurants and themed locations. High power
handling, wide frequency response and low distortion
make the Control 26C ideal for sound systems requiring
a higher fidelity sound from ceiling loudspeakers. The
premium performance capability ensures excellent
sound character, providing pleasant, enveloping sound
throughout the listening area.
The Control 26C’s 16 ohm impedance allows use of
multiple speakers in parallel without having to use a
more expensive constant voltage distributed system.
The optional Control 26CT version includes a multitap
transformer for 70V/100V systems.
JBL’s exclusive SonicGuard overload protection is a noninvasive loudspeaker protection system that is inaudible
to the listener, ensuring reliability while providing full
fidelity sound. The computer-optimized ported enclosure
delivers warm, smooth bass response. Low frequency
output can be further augmented with the addition of
one of the Control Contractor subwoofer models.
The 165 mm (6.5 in) woofer features a polyurethanecoated cone and pure butyl rubber surround for long
life, even in high humidity environments. An aluminum
voice coil former provides extra cooling for greater longterm power handling.
The coaxially mounted 19 mm (¾ in) titanium coated
tweeter provides crisp, clear highs. Diffraction-loading
of the tweeter provides wide, even coverage of the
listening area. The extremely broad 110° coverage
pattern allows for fewer speakers to be used, making for
a simpler and less expensive installation


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